The mind is a powerful instrument. Every thought, every emotion you create

changes the very chemistry of your body. 



  • Are you longing to bring change into your life and continue to evolve?

  • Do you want to free yourself from fears, insecurities and stress?​

  • Do you suspect important information behind physical phenomena and would you like to support health and healing on a deeper level?

It is not so much the outside circumstances that prevent us from coming into our power and creating our life the way we want it. Mostly it is our conscious and unconscious attitudes towards the outside that are limiting us:

Our innermost beliefs influence:

- how and what we perceive

- how we interpret what we encounter

- our scope for action.

Subconscious programs are deeply rooted in our past, but often they have not been helpful to us anymore for a long time. On the contrary, they hinder inner peace, growth and development.

It is my concern to facilitate the overcoming of such belief patterns.


is a highly efficient, non-invasive, interactive change process through which we can change limiting belief patterns in a targeted and sustainable way.

PSYCH-K® enables us to communicate directly with the subconscious mind with the help of kinesiological muscle testing. 

In targeted processes - called balances - a holistic "wholebrain" state of both brain hemispheres is established, which gives us the chance to overwrite old programs in the subconscious. Subconscious, conscious and superconscious (higher self, intuition) are brought into harmony.  

In this way, we succeed in transforming deep-seated beliefs in a sustainable way, and focus our energy on those beliefs that have the potential to uplift us.

As a final part of the process, you plan the first concrete steps that will anchor the new reality in your life. Often, right after the balance is complete, former hurdles appear very small and can be taken with ease and immediately.

What is beautiful and special about a PSYCH-K® session is that it is not a treatment that you "get", but a guided process that we create together. You decide what is close to your heart and what changes you want to experience in your life.

There are no limits to the topics and areas of your life:

Relationships, love, self-worth, financial security, fears, behavior patterns, stress, conflict, spirituality, health....



>> Thank you Anna for all the support. The sessions with you have proven to be very helpful in my life to identify the blockers that were stopping me from taking the next step. 
Working with you was effortless and the way you addressed the issues and help me resolve them was comforting. And these issues I did not know they were existing in me.. this was amazing !!!
Once again thanks from the bottom of my heart. :-)



are offered in Berlin face to face, and also by video or phone.

1 x 90 min    130€

3 x 90 min    370€  

5 x 90 min    620€

8 x 90 min    950€

You are welcome to call me for a free preliminary talk to ask questions about the way I work and to present your intention. 


​I look forward to meeting you!

And this is how you can reach me: 



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I myself owe PSYCH-K® the clarity and courage to identify and open up completely new fields of work.

Before I came across PSYCH-K®, I was allowed to explore numerous facets and fields of this profession for many years as a freelance archtitect, including the energetic aspects of living-space quality in my work as a dowser.

Since my training as a PSYCH-K® facilitator (Basic, Advanced, Master Facilitation, Health and Wellbeing, Divine Integration), my focus is has shifted from the outside to the internal circumstances of my clients: the questions, issues and goals that are of utmost importance to them and truly make a difference in their lives.

In my own life and in the work with clients, I have experienced how simple but profound processes can bring about immediate change. Every balance opens up new perspectives, discoveries and possibilities.


I am infinitely grateful for this gift, and it is an immense joy for me to be able to share it with you through my work as a facilitator!