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Are you still functioning
or are you actually living?

Start now on your new path: away from fears and old patterns

towards more clarity, lightness and authenticity.

What does your functional mode looke like?

  • Do you keep saying yes even though you want to say no? And no to the things where everything inside you is shouting YES?  

  • Your own needs rarely take priority, others come first - children, family, work. Plans for yourself are postponed again and again.

  • Focus: Managing your everyday life, meeting everybody else's needs. You are sometimes too exhausted to ask yourself what do I really need? (Instead of Netflix and chocolate)

  • Is your body already sending you signals? Do you intuitively know that everything is connected with everything else? That treating symptoms on the surface is not the answer? But so far you are dealing with issues and problems just enough to get things going again (painkiller method)?

  • There are friends and people in your life - and yet in many cases you are missing a deeper connection. And sometimes it doesn't feel 100% right either? 

  • Your To Do List knows only one direction: growth. 

WHAT WOULD IT feel for you, to instead...

  • Have clarity about where to go? Where to start, where to find the time? To have someone to support you in taking the next small or big steps? 

  • Decode and integrate messages from physical symptoms?

  • Clear any emotional and energetic baggage that limits you in your decisions and your freedom? Overcome old patterns?

  • To free yourself from fears, inner blockages and even your heart wall and as a result connect more easily and authentically with other people?

  • To ultimately make peace with situations and experiences that are limiting and burdening you - regardless of whether they are in the past, present or future?

ALL THIS lies within your reach.
here and now.

Your consciousness, your body and your energy system have the power and the wisdom to regulate themselves, to heal and to create a state of peace, balance and ease. 

I will be happy to accompany you on this journey.

Find out more about the HOW in a free reality check with me.

We will look at your situation together, see whether we can walk a part of the path together and what this can look like in more detail.



For years I walked through my life in a well oiled functional mode. At some point I could no longer deny that something was missing. I clearly felt that I was not really being myself at all. But I also didn't know who or what that actually is.

Under a thick protective shield, there was an enormous amount of fear - especially of rejection and so of being myself.


Once I found the courage to look at why this is, why I was hiding from myself and the world, and what my life might be like instead, I began a journey of discovery into my programming, beliefs and definitions about myself, others and the world.

And also to the human being who was hidden underneath all this and has since been allowed to unfold more and more.

what your journey looks like

First of all: There is no predefined path. You define your destination. Together we create your individual process.

These milestones will ensure that this change of track will be sustainable and not - like a normal vacation - history after two weeks:

On this journey you will:

  • Sharpen your powerful vision and align yourself with it instead of what you no longer want. Because we always create what we focus on.

  • Identify and release conscious and unconscious blocks that have been standing in your way and causing you to move in circles.

  • Dissolve your inner resistance to what was, what is and what will be. Acceptance is the first step in letting go of situations, conflicts, symptoms and their transformation.

  • Deconstruct conflicts: Recognize your part and your patterns and underlying beliefs. See clearly how you create your own experience again and again.

  • Free your heart from its protective wall so that it can feel safe and open up to love, compassion and deeper connection with yourself and others.

  • Anchor the most powerful positive core beliefs in your subconscious.

  • Bring balance, peace and clarity to relationships, e.g. with people in your life, your body, money or any other entity.

  • Receive clear messages from physical symptoms and life situations.

  • Detect the pitfalls of your subconscious: What is the benefit of remaining in this situation / state? What need is being served? And resolve this hidden gain.

  • Listen to your intuition. As the highest wisdom and specialist for your growth, it is a precious treasure.

  • Release energetic blockages: We go much deeper here than our mind can and use the wisdom of energy work. Relax, flow, recharge, release.

  • Letting go of emotional baggage from the past: What trapped emotions are contributing to your condition/situation/symptoms? These can even be inherited. You may have been born with some of them.

Sounds good? Then click on the button for your free reality check and let's start planning your journey!

what clients say

>> Thank you Anna for all the support. The sessions with you have proven to be very helpful in my life to identify the blockages that were stopping me from taking the next step. 
Working with you was effortless and the way you addressed the issues and help me resolve them was comforting. And these issues I did not know they were existing in me.. this was amazing !!!
Once again thanks from the bottom of my heart. :-) <<

The mind is a powerful instrument. Every thought, every emotion you create changes the very chemistry of your body.  

my toolbox


is a highly efficient, non-invasive, interactive change process through which we can change limiting beliefs in a targeted and sustainable manner.

Working with PSYCH-K®

What prevents us from coming into our power and from shaping our lives the way we want them to be? It is not so much the circumstances on the outside, but rather our conscious and unconscious attitudes towards this outside that are in our way. Our innermost beliefs influence: - how and what we perceive - how we interpret what we encounter - our reactions and scope for action.

PSYCH-K home

the emotion code®

will allow you to let go of trapped emotions in your energy system and free yourself from your heart wall.

Working with the emotioncode®

Releasing emotional baggage is a key to achieving better relationships, better health and greater well-being for yourself. Whenever we don't fully process emotions, they can get trapped in our system and create imbalances on all levels - physical, mental, emotional. Trapped emotions can prevent your energies from flowing and you from interacting appropriately with your environment. They may cause physical symptoms that can improve or even disappear with the release of the corresponding emotions.

EC home

tibetan energy

Is a wonderful method with which we can initiate and accompany holistic development and healing processes in a gentle yet profound way.


Difficult and stressful experiences, accidents, trauma, accidents, emotional experiences are stored energetically in our system if we do not process them.  They prevent our energy from flowing in its original state.  An imbalance develops, which can show and manifest itself through tensions, behavioral patterns, emotional issues or psychosomatic symptoms on different levels. Tibetan Energy Work aims to release such blockages and support our system to restore its natural "healed" state. ​

TE home


Nummer 1.jpg

I walked blindly through my life for years. After decades in well-oiled functional mode, at some point I sensed that something was missing. That I wasn't really me. But I also didn't know who or what that actually was. Under a thick protective shield lay a lot of fear of rejection and therefore of being myself.

Then I began to look at the deeper reasons why this was so, why I was hiding from myself and the world. What programmes, beliefs and definitions about myself, others and the world actually are the foundation of this.

I examined layer by layer of my functional armour, like peeling an onion.

I allowed myself to feel my fear that there was going to be nothing behind the solid armour - that is, inside me. To see again and again where I shut myself off from myself and from the world. Recognise the strategies I use to protect myself from rejection. Dragging my beliefs into the light time and again. And gradually uncover what was hidden underneath. Making myself vulnerable and allowing myself to feel wounds.


Along the way, I was fortunate to collect a number of tools and techniques that enabled me to find clarity, to see what was actually going on and then to find the courage to turn my life upside down, to make different decisions, to leave my comfort zone, to take a completely different path and to discover the Anna in me that I am now standing here as today.


And because I know what a world of difference this makes, the difference between functioning and living, it is so close to my heart to also support and accompany others in creating an authentic, peaceful, joyful life for themselves.


My vision is that through this work on ourselves we co-create a world in which people - we and also our children - are allowed to be ourselves, to follow our path, to be authentic, vulnerable and self-aware. Being at peace with ourselves. I believe that real healing can only take place when we dissolve inner resistance and are true to ourselves. And I am convinced that only this will ultimately lead us to a more peaceful world.


In my own life and work with my clients, I have experienced how simple but profound processes can bring about immediate change. Every treatment and every balance opens up new perspectives, discoveries and possibilities.


I am infinitely grateful for this gift and it is a great joy to be able to share it with you through my work!

Do you want to meet me personally? Klick the button below:

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PSYCH K Preise

start your journey

You can visit my practice in Berlin or we meet on Zoom. Energy work is also possible remotely.

We will apply the best possible tools that are safe and appropriate for your individual journey.

I invite you to a preliminary and free consultation in which we take a look at your current reality. In this meeting you can also get to know me and my work a little bit. 

Just click on the link below and book an appointment directly.​ I look forward to getting to know you!


Mehringdamm 43

10961 Berlin

+49 178 7856321

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