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Working with THE emotioncode®

Releasing emotional baggage is a key to achieving better relationships, better health and greater well-being for yourself. 

Whenever we don't fully process emotions, they can get trapped in our system and create imbalances on all levels - physical, mental, emotional. Trapped emotions can prevent your energies from flowing and you from interacting appropriately with your environment. They may cause physical symptoms that can improve or even disappear with the release of the corresponding emotions.

And what comes to your mind when you hear the word heart wall? Does it sound like something that could stand between you and life, between you and love? The feeling of closeness and deep connection? Between you and others? Because that is exactly how a heart wall can affect your life. 

Almost all of us have built a heart wall in the course of our lives, unconsciously. Whenever we wanted or needed to protect ourselves from too much pain, another layer was added. Each layer is an enclosed emotion. Instead of processing the emotion and letting it go, we used it to build a wall around our heart. And thus sealed our heart off from the outside. And our own heart energy can also penetrate outwards so much more difficult.


When working with the Emotion Code® we use muscle testing to identify the individual emotions that are contributing to a condition or symptom and, if necessary, to learn more about them, e.g. from which stage of life the emotion originated or which event triggered it. When enough information has been tested out, the emotion can be easily and quickly released energetically. A heart wall is also removed layer by layer in this way. 

Since no conscious knowledge is required, this method is also wonderfully suited to working with children and even animals. Animals, just like humans, experience emotional stress and can store it. Sometimes they even have heart walls. 

EXPERIENCES WITH the emotioncode®

>> Anna is a wonderful person willing to help others. I feel blessed having discovered her. I went through the process called "emotioncode" and it was an unforgettable experience. I feel like starting my life from a clean slate without seeing things through the filters of my trapped emotions. It might be a placebo effect, I don't know, does it matter? Some changes I verified by experience, such as I can bend my neck bacwards completely now, before it was blocked and I don't hear my heart beating in my ears very loudly any more, nobody can say it is a placebo effect. The most curios thing is you shouldn't understand how it works, even the language. Why? Because Anna did it also to my two rabbits. And I assure you I can clearly see their behaviour changed for the best. It was a revelation to me that even animals can have trapped emotions. I highly recommend the emotioncode to all animals, they will definetely benefit out of it.
Thanks a lot, Anna.<<

EC Prices


You can visit my practice in Berlin or we meet on Zoom. Energy work is also possible remotely.

We will apply the best possible tools that are safe and appropriate for your individual journey.

I invite you to a preliminary and free consultation in which we take a look at your current reality. In this meeting you can also get to know me and my work a little bit. 

Just click on the link below and book an appointment directly.​ I look forward to getting to know you!


Mehringdamm 43

10961 Berlin

+49 178 7856321

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