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TIbetan energy work

Difficult and stressful experiences, accidents, trauma, accidents, emotional experiences are stored energetically in our system if we do not process them. 
They prevent our energy from flowing in its original state.  An imbalance develops, which can show and manifest itself through tensions, behavioral patterns, emotional issues or psychosomatic symptoms on different levels.

Tibetan Energy Work aims to release such blockages and support our system to restore its natural "healed" state.

In the system of 24 organs, special points on the human body are defined, which are touched during a treatment and connected energetically. Each organ in this system not only has its physical equivalent in the body, but is also linked to certain life themes. Touch creates a flow of energy that is effective on all levels, mental, emotional and physical.  On the mental level, stuck patterns of thought can be released, and on the emotional level, stored feelings can be transformed. On the external level, a resolution of physical symptoms becomes possible.


>> Dear Anna, your treatments are wonderful! The TE goes really deep, gets a lot rolling and finally makes change and healing possible for me. Thank you for accompanying me on my way with your loving, thoughtful & straight way!  <<

Preise TE


You can visit my practice in Berlin or we meet on Zoom. Energy work is also possible remotely.

We will apply the best possible tools that are safe and appropriate for your individual journey.

I invite you to a preliminary and free consultation in which we take a look at your current reality. In this meeting you can also get to know me and my work a little bit. 

Just click on the link below and book an appointment directly.​ I look forward to getting to know you!


Mehringdamm 43

10961 Berlin

+49 178 7856321

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