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What prevents us from coming into our power and from shaping our lives the way we want them to be? It is not so much the circumstances on the outside, but rather our conscious and unconscious attitudes towards this outside that are in our way:

Our innermost beliefs influence:

- how and what we perceive

- how we interpret what we encounter

- our reactions and scope for action.

​Subconscious programming is usually deeply rooted in the past and has often not been helpful to us for a long time. They hinder inner peace, growth and development.  


PSYCH-K® enables us to communicate directly with the subconscious using kinesiological muscle testing and to discover its existing programming.

In targeted processes - called balances - a holistic "wholebrain" state of both brain hemispheres is established, which gives us the chance to overwrite old programs in the subconscious. Subconscious, conscious and superconscious (higher self, intuition) are brought into harmony. 

In this way it is possible to sustainably transform deep-seated beliefs and focus our energy on such beliefs that have the potential to inspire and uplift us.

​To complete the process you plan the first concrete steps that anchor the new reality in your life. Often, immediately after a balance, former hurdles appear very small and can be taken with ease and instantly.

The beauty and special feature of this work is that an individually accompanied process is created, in which you yourself determine what is close to your heart and what changes you would like to experience in your life.

​There are no limits to the topics and areas of life here:

Relationships, love, self-esteem, financial security, fears, behavior patterns, stress, spirituality, health...

Anker 1


>> Thank you Anna for all the support. The sessions with you have proven to be very helpful in my life to identify the blockers that were stopping me from taking the next step. 
Working with you was effortless and the way you addressed the issues and help me resolve them was comforting. And these issues I did not know they were existing in me.. this was amazing !!!
Once again thanks from the bottom of my heart. :-) <<

PK Preise

start your journey

You can visit my practice in Berlin or we meet on Zoom. Energy work is also possible remotely.

We will apply the best possible tools that are safe and appropriate for your individual journey.

I invite you to a preliminary and free consultation in which we take a look at your current reality. In this meeting you can also get to know me and my work a little bit. 

Just click on the link below and book an appointment directly.​ I look forward to getting to know you!


Mehringdamm 43

10961 Berlin

+49 178 7856321

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